UK - Kemsley Mill, Stator Rewind

Kemsley stator before

BRUSH was asked to carry out a full rewind of the stator to one of its BDAX frame 7, 11kV generators. The generator had been in service for 15 years and although still performing satisfactorily, the owners wanted it to be rewound to the latest standards to ensure that it would continue giving reliable service for a further lengthy period.

The rewind was required to be completed in twelve weeks from receipt at the BRUSH Aftermarket workshop. It was imperative to meet this time scale due to time constrains for the reassembly, on site, of the generator and turbine train.

Work started with the stripping out the original winding, cleaning the slots and preparing for the new winding. Once this had been carried out a core test was performed to confirm its integrity and suitability for further long service.

In parallel with the above work the new stator coils were being manufactured and tested at all stages of manufacture. This work was co-ordinated to ensure that the coils were ready in time for the rewinding operation to begin. During rewinding; tests were carried out at all crucial stages. Most of these tests were witnessed by the client.

On completion a final high voltage test on the complete stator winding was performed, witnessed by the client. The stator was loaded onto transport and dispatched back to site within the twelve week time scale.

All work, testing and quality control was carried out to ISO BS standards.

The satisfied client commented that they...

...were impressed with the overall performance on this contract from response to enquiry through to delivery of the rewound stator to site. The 12 week turnaround was very good and they were pleased that the programme didn’t slip once.

...they were also very happy with BRUSH Aftermarket project management and would like to record their thanks.