USA - Commonwealth Chesapeake Generating Station

The Problem: After suffering a catastrophic failure in four out of seven of their (non BRUSH) turbo-generators in early 2006, BRUSH Aftermarket were contacted by the client to offer a solution that would be the most time and cost effective method of returning the plant to full capacity.

The Solution: BRUSH offered and secured the multi-million pound contract which would return the plant to full service in under 10 working weeks! This included the supply, installation and commissioning of four BRUSH BDAX 7-290 turbo-generators to replace the damaged and irrecoverable third party machines at site. The aggressive and critical timescale set by the client to return the plant to full capacity was a mammoth undertaking by BRUSH Aftermarket and a challenge which was met head on and achieved on-time and within budget!

BRUSH supplied four stock BDAX 7-290 machines. A number of key points were identified to reduce the downtime of the plant and the BDAX range of generators all share in common the following:

  • Simple foundation design for economic and speedy civil work.
  • Minimum number of individual power station components, offering substantial savings on expensive    site time.
  • All units are fully factory tested, reducing commissioning to proving interconnections and combined turbine/generator testing.
  • Modular construction giving a fine balance between flexibility and standardisation of components for    fast economic construction.
  • Fully developed system readily adapted to any turbine design.

The stock machines required modification to suit the American market. The machines were dismantled, modified from 50 Hertz operation to 60 Hertz, reassembled, repacked and shipped to site. The existing neutral and lineside cubicles also required modification to allow fitting to the BRUSH generator. All work was carried out in workshop conditions in Houston and prior to delivery to site to further minimise downtime. All four machines were modified in under two weeks.

A team of skilled mechanical and commissioning engineers were mobilised from BRUSH UK and Houston, TEXAS to undertake the installation and electrical commissioning work. We adopted 24 hour working and, with the co-operation of local contractors and the client, BRUSH achieved installation and commissioning of four frame seven generators which utilised a 3rd party controls system in under 40 days!