Bosnia and Herzegovina - Thermal Power Plant

The Thermal Power Plant, Kakanj, is owned by Elektroprivreda Bosne i Hercegovine the largest energy company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated in the valley of the river Bosnia. The coal for TPP Kakanj is mined in the Tusnice colliery which is located approx. 5 km from the Kakanj.

The plant was built in 1960 and BRUSH supplied...

  • 2 x 32 MW units, 6.3 kV in 1960 (air cooled)
  • 1 x 110 MW unit, 13.8 kV in 1968 (hydrogen cooled)
  • 1 x 110 MW unit, 13.8 kV in 1975 (hydrogen cooled)
  • 1 x 230 MW unit, 15.75 kV in 1983 (water & hydrogen cooled)

The total power produced is 514 MW.

BRUSH succeeded in tendering for the refurbishment of the biggest 230 MW generator. The refurbishment of the generator and assembly on the site will be completed in 2010. The generator will be equipped with a new stator core and stator winding, new rotor winding and rotor´s mechanical parts. It will also feature a new hydrogen dryer for the water & hydrogen cooling system of the generator.

Rated power of the generator will increase to 253 MW.

Specification post modernization

  • Type of machine 2H6688/2-VH
  • Output 300 MVA
  • Power factor 0.85
  • Voltage 15750 V ±5%
  • Speed 3000 rpm
  • Hydrogen pressure 400 kPa absolute