Czech Republic - Dukovany

From 1985 till 1987 eight turbo-generators of 220 MW each were commissioned at the nuclear power plant in Dukovany. The total power output was 1760 MW.

Dukovany was considered to be one of the most reliable nuclear power plants in the world. Following recommendations the owners of the power station (the Czech energetic company CEZ a.s.) decided to extend the operational life and increase the power output of the units.

BRUSH succeeded in winning the tender for the work which is due to be completed in 2012 when all 8 generators will have been re-engineered. Each unit will be equipped by new stator core and windings and new rotor windings. On top of this 2 new spare rotors will be delivered. Vibration measuring sensors & diagnostics will also be installed on each generator.

Power output of each generator will grow up at 255 MW and the maximum capacity of the nuclear power station will be increased by 16% to 2040 MW by the year 2012.

Dukovany nuclear power plant produced approx. 14,5 TWh of electric power before modernization. The increased power production helps CEZ a.s. to fulfil its target to produce 16 TWh of electric energy at Dukovany within 1 year.

Generator´s specification after modernization

  • Type of machine 2H6688/2-VH
  • Output 300 MVA
  • Power factor 0.85
  • Voltage 15750 V ±5%
  • Speed 3000 rpm
  • Hydrogen pressure 400 kPa absolut