Guatemala - Rotor Rewind

BRUSH was approached by one of its leading customers to undertake a major refurbishment of one of its generator rotors based in Guatemala. BRUSH Aftermarket offered a solution to the customer where the refurbishment work could be completed including installation and commissioning within an 8 week time frame.

The project started with dismantling the generator on site and shipping the 30 tonnes rotor assembly to the BRUSH Aftermarket workshop in Loughborough UK, which is equipped specifically for the maintenance and repair of large rotating machines. For this a Boeing 747 freighter was chartered to lift the rotor over the 5000 miles to the local airport close to the Loughborough workshop.

On receipt of the rotor at the Aftermarket work shop the rotor went through various inspections and tests before it was completely dismantled prior to undergoing a total overhaul.

Non destructive testing for cracks and fatigue was carried out on the rotor and all major assemblies before being rewound using new copper and insulating materials.

The rotor winding was electrically tested before being fully re-assembled of its components. The rotor was then balanced and over speed tested in our facility, fully witnessed by the client.

The rotor was then despatched and shipped back to site for installation and commissioning and was back in service and on load within 10 days giving total project duration of 8 weeks. These timescales were better than customer expectations and contractual requirements supporting the BRUSH Aftermarket global reputation for service excellence and dedicated customer support.