USA - Blackhawk Power Station

Quixx Corporation and Borger Energy Associates were experiencing continual problems with their W501 gas turbine power generating equipment at their Blackhawk Power Station in Borger, Texas, USA, and decided to replace the generator under a planned outage. BRUSH offered a solution that would fit within the existing power package envelope and committed to a delivery to meet the outage date of March 2006, with the installation and commissioning to be completed within 30 days.

However, as a result of a failure of the existing gas turbine driven generator that severely curtailed the power station’s ability to meet its customer needs in terms of steam, water and electricity, Quixx Corporation asked BRUSH for any improvement on the delivery for the generating equipment, together with a support programme that would ensure the machine was installed and commissioned safely.

BRUSH responded directly to the challenge and, by working closely with the Quixx and the Blackhawk Power Station management teams, was able to deliver not just what the customer ordered, but more.

The generator delivery time was shortened and, with a team of mechanical and electrical supervisors from the UK and Houston, installation and commissioning was completed in just 25 days but, more importantly, it was right first time.

The power plant was back in service with a new generator within the gas turbine package envelope, synchronised and producing over 100MW of power - completely operational four months earlier than originally planned.

R Ross McCausland of Quixx Corporation, in appreciation of the work carried out by BRUSH, provided the following comments:

"Quixx/Borger Energy Associates has been very impressed with the machine construction and comprehensive plant testing, along with the expedited installation, start up and commissioning support services which BRUSH provided.

The generator is crucial in meeting the demands of our contracted customers for electric power and steam. Vital signs of the now running gas turbine generator unit are excellent and we expect many years of durable service supported by your expertise and customer service.

Our Company would have no hesitation in recommending BRUSH …."

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