USA - Galena

BRUSH supplied four 15MW, 4 pole generators for a binary system application to the The Steamboat complex, located in Washoe County, Nevada US.

With a binary cycle generation capacity of 127.4MW and actual running capacity of 81.6MW, this is one of the world’s largest binary cycle geothermal power plant complexes in the world.

The unit, a BRUSH DG165Z-04 with a voltage exceeding the 12000V, it is the fourth BRUSH unit commissioned successfully at this site, presenting the following characteristics.

Model Power Voltage Current Cooling Excitation
DG165Z 18.7MW 13,800V 784A TEWAC / CACW Brushless

The United States has the third biggest geothermal power reserves in the world, just behind the Philippines and Indonesia.

Over the last decade BRUSH has provided the generator solution in more 15MW+ geothermal plants than any other generator provider.  In fact, more than 40% of geothermal sets installed in the last 10 years world-wide have been BRUSH

BRUSH uses technology and features proven in the most arduous geothermal environments, with over 60 units running in the past 10 years in USA, Kenya, Turkey and New Zealand. With technology and features proven in the most arduous environments both onshore and offshore in more than three hundred 4 pole generators installations, BRUSH has the knowledge and expertise to provide generators that ensure a continuous and dependable plant output.

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