Austria - Reutte, Lake Plansee

In addition to our experience with supplying excitation solutions to the Hydro Power market with our PRISMIC® branded products, BRUSH also has supplied generator equipment to the Hydro Power market. One example is the supply of a 12MVA generator for an application near Reutte on the Plansee lake in Austria

BRUSH supplied a VDG 225X-12 vertical 3 phase synchronous generator with the following rating;

  • Output: 12 MVA
  • Voltage: 6.3 kV
  • Speed: 500 rpm
  • Power factor: 0.8
  • Hz: 50
  • Protection: IP54

In addition the rotor was designed to withstand a run away speed (overspeed) of 975 rpm. The generator is also equipped with a large flywheel to limit the run away speed, plus pneumatic brakes and hydraulic jacking device