USA - Southcentral Power Project

The Southcentral Power Project is a 200 megawatt, natural gas-fired power plant located in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.  The plant is the most efficient in Alaska, as well as the third-largest in the state, and is based on three 48 megawatt aeroderivative gas turbines driving BRUSH DAX turbogenerators.  Natural gas is the primary fuel for electricity production in Alaska, and the biggest concern among electricity providers is the region’s limited supply, particularly during the cold and dark winter months.  The new power plant’s advanced technology uses natural gas more efficiently to ensure it is not wasted.

The gas turbines and BRUSH generators were chosen for both their efficiency and for the fast start capability that allows them to reach full capacity in just 10 minutes.  The exhaust heat from the gas turbines is recovered by “once-through” steam generators to power a 57.5 megawatt steam turbine, also driving a BRUSH DAX turbogenerator.

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