Ocean Liners - Project Queen Mary

In 1998, Cunard unveiled a new 'Project Queen Mary', to design and build a new luxury ocean liner. The specification included a CODAG (Combined Diesel and Gas turbine) design, to improve economy at cruise speeds with an ability to sustain much higher speeds when required. General Electric (GE) were awarded the contract to provide the two gas turbines, each generating 25MW of electricity, primarily to provide the additional power to the "mermaid" propulsion in order to attain these higher speeds.

This peak- topping cycle required a reliable, proven design, and with BRUSH's technical ability, previous offshore experience (including the 'Millenium' and 'Vantage' cruise liners) and knowledge of external certifying bodies (including Lloyds, American Bureau of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas), BRUSH were awarded the contract to design and manufacture two water-cooled turbogenerators including line and neutral cubicles and automatic voltage regulators (AVR's) to couple to GE's LM2500+ series gas turbines.

BRUSH supplied the equipment on time and within budget, and in August 2003 was requested to attend the vessel, based at the shipyard in France, to undertake pre- commissioning checks and start- up checks. After a successful visit, BRUSH was invited to oversee the sea trials in September 2003 where load adjustments and synchronisation were performed. The final sea trials took place two Months later, and despite BRUSH being in attendance, no final adjustments to the BRUSH supplied equipment were necessary.

BRUSH have continued to provide vessels with turbogenerators and more recently have supplied numerous units for floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels.


  • BDAX 7-193ERH
  • Generator Type: Brushless excitation.
  • Output: 29,412 KVA
  • Power Factor: 0.85
  • Voltage:  11,000 V
  • Speed: 3,600 RPM
  • Cooling:  TEWAC
  • Cubicles: Line & neutral, generator mounted.
  • AVR type: PRISMIC A30