Norway - BRUSH MAX motors, deliver 20% of the UK gas supply

Ormen Lange, Norway, delivers gas via the 1200km "Langeled" sub sea gas pipeline from Nyhamna in Norway to Easington using three 48MW export gas compressors driven by BRUSH MAX 2-pole synchronous motors.

Operating at speeds between 2,520 rev/min and 3,780 rev/min, these closed circuit air to water (CACW) cooled MAX motors are a derivative of the very successful BRUSH DAX range of turbogenerators. The motors are configured for variable speed operation powered by a load commutated inverter (LCI).

The project, seen as one of Norsk Hydro’s most successful develpoment programmes, delivered on time and on budget, is the first project of its kind for BRUSH and, at its peak, is expected to meet 20 percent of the UK’s gas requirements.

The project is now operated by SHELL.

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