protection relays

HSS is a BRUSH Company and major manufacturer of a range of indoor and outdoor medium voltage distribution and transit switchgear

Protection Relays


The Polarr is the standard relay package for the GVR and offers full auto-reclose protection and control functionality.  The low power, microprocessor architecture of the Polarr is unique to the power industry.

The long life lithium batteries eliminates the need for an auxiliary supply.Its design has been perfected over several years and offers the user significant benefits:

  • Offers several advanced auto-reclosing functions in a comprehensive but cost effective package.

Housed in an IP56 sealed control box, the Polarr is protected against the harshest of environments and kept condensation-free in an even internal temperature


A high specification relay dedicated to the protection and control of outdoor overhead line circuit breakers and coupled with its in-built RTU, the VISIONr offers one of the most cost effective solutions on the market today.

Key benefits include:When supplied along with the award winning GVR auto-recloser, it provides a lifetime of trouble-free service for power distribution networks all over the world.

  • All functions are within the one device so there is no need for auxiliary relays.
  • It is suitable for all types of networks – resistive, solid, Peterson Coil or unearthed systems.
  • It has multiple protocol options so can be connected to an array of different SCADA packages.
  • With its multi-triggerable disturbance recorder, you can interrogate any network disturbances from your desk