BRUSH is the largest independent manufacturer of turbogenerators in the world, combining the resources of three major manufacturers of generators for gas turbine and steam turbine drive


With manufacturing plants in the UK, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic which support customers from across the world and a new plant currently under construction in China, BRUSH is a truly global presence. Each of these plants has been designated as a Centre of Excellence for the design and manufacture of high voltage generators and power management systems.
The resources of these plants enable BRUSH to offer its customers an unrivalled production capability for their current needs – and to prepare for the changing demands of customers into the future.

Who's who
Who's who
Our Newsletter
Our Newsletter
Social and ethical
Social and ethical
  • Blair Illingworth - Chief Executive for BRUSH Group

    BRUSH Group Executive
    • David ByrneExecutive Director, Sales and Aftermarket
    • Pavel Lukes - Chief Operating Officer (Generators)
    • Phil Pawson - Group Technical Director
    • Simon Thomas - Managing Director (Transformers & Switchgear)
    • Michael Daly - Group Finance Director
    Other Operational Units
    • Bryan Harris - Managing Director, Harrington Generators
    • Chris Turner - Managing Director, Aftermarket Service and Operations
  • BRUSH manufacture Turbogenerators that are unsurpassed in their design, quality and reliability. BRUSH machines are installed and trusted in over 130 countries worldwide for petrochemical and process industries, offshore oil platforms, marine and dockside applications, heavy industry, mining and mineral sites and power generation utilities.

    BRUSH tackle the most challenging projects, and offer equipment and services to meet the most demanding specifications. Backed by industry-leading quality assurance measures, all equipment complies with the relevant European, American and International standard specifications, and all three manufacturing sites are registered to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 governing the quality of design, manufacture and service.

    For BRUSH, quality is the highest priority, a demand that is practiced by our top management and is just as important in the sales departments, product development, mechanical and electrical engineering, software development, installation & start-up and the service departments.

    Quality is a driving factor so much so that we also have to demand and ensure that we get the same standard from our suppliers.



  • BRUSH defines Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, as the impact its businesses have on its employees, partners, customers, shareholders, the environment and both the local  and international community. Through CSR, BRUSH is able to engage with its stakeholders and local communities, building relationships of trust and integrity; to demonstrate concern for the environment through energy saving initiatives, promotion of renewable energy and improved product and process efficiencies; and to maintain safe, reliable operation through careful monitoring of health and safety incidents and regular review of working practices. It is for these reasons that BRUSH firmly believes good CSR practice is not only desirable in its own right but also makes good business sense.

    The policy provides an open and transparent account of the activities and performance of the Group and its subsidiary businesses in what has been identified as the three key areas of CSR.

    • Social & Environmental
    • Health & Safety
    • Environment

    BRUSH’s continuing progress in CSR demonstrates it is a company that:

    • Has a clear strategy and defined performance targets
    • Continually seeks out better methods of operation
    • Strives to improve service to customers by developing innovative products, systems and solutions
    • Displays the highest standards of trust and integrity
    • Strives towards sustainability
  • BRUSH is situated adjacent to a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) comprising one of the largest remaining examples of unimproved alluvial flood meadow in Leicestershire. Nationally this habitat is becoming scarce due to changes in agriculture and flood plain development.

    • Extensive flooding provides a natural nutrient input.
    • The meadow contains grasses such as Meadow Foxtail, rough meadow grass and Rye-Grass etc.
    • Some herbs including Great Burnet, Common Knapweed and the Narrow-Leaved Dropwort (not found anywhere else in Leicestershire) grow in this meadow.
    • The Summerpool Brook forms part of the perimeter for Brush Traction and our discharges into it are subject to consent by the river authority and are monitored and measured by the Environment Agency.
    • Plants found in the brook are Reed Mace and Slender Tufted Sedge amongst other fen species.
    • Birds seen on and around the site are Lapwing, Skylarks and Wagtails along with all the common species

    We are consistently working to and have achieved the internationally recognised environmental standard for ISO 14001. The certifications can be viewed via the following links...