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Mexico - Los Humeros

BRUSH supplied two 2 pole 26.8MW generators for a Single Flash application to the geothermal power plant “Los Humeros II” – located in Chignautla, state of Puebla Mexico.

Operating as base-load power units and feeding the nation’s electrical distribution grid, the BRUSH generators are capable of producing more than 400GWh of clean electricity per unit, each year.

The units, two Brush DAX- 72-145 ERH, with a power output of 52 MW each and a voltage of 13800 V exceeds the actual demands for the plant. The design will be able to cope with future increase power demands without major modifications and presents the following characteristics;

Model Power Voltage Current Cooling Excitation
BDAX-72-290 52 MW 13,800V 2559A TEWAC / CACW Brushless

Mexico has the fourth biggest geothermal power reserves in the world, just behind the United States, the Philippines and Indonesia.

BRUSH uses technology and features proven in the most arduous geothermal environments, with over 60 units running in the past 10 years in USA, Kenya, Turkey and New Zealand. With technology and features proven in the most arduous environments both onshore and offshore in more than three hundred 4 pole generators installations, BRUSH has the knowledge and expertise to provide generators that ensure a continuous and dependable plant output. 

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