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USA - 600 Megawatts for Nevada Power

Twelve Brush DAX turbogenerators are in operation at NV Energy’s Edward W Clark Generating Station in Whitney, Clark County, Nevada, USA, to serve the peak loads in the southern Nevada territory, including Las Vegas and the surrounding communities.

Each 52 megawatt generator is driven by two PW Power Systems FT8 gas turbines in a double ended SwiftPac® configuration.  In addition to the generators, the Brush scope of supply also includes Brush PRISMIC® A32 excitation controllers and the generator lubrication systems. 

The twelve SwiftPacs® can be connected to the grid in less time than takes to lose $20 at one of Las Vegas’ thousands of slot machines – six minutes to synchronize and under nine minutes to reach rated power. 

The gas turbines are arranged in three identical 208 megawatt load blocks.  Block 1 entered commercial service in time for the summer 2008 peak, block 2 followed in November 2008 and Block 3 was added to the dispatch list in time to meet the 2009 summer peak.  Today, plant operators are kept busy with one or more blocks of SwiftPac® peaking power added to the grid for between four and six hours daily to meet the peak energy demand.

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