Renewable Energy


Then: 1880 Windmill in BRUSH’s Cleveland residence powered experiments, early lights, motors and charged batteries. The 60 foot diameter wooden blades connected to a dynamo generated 12kW.

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Now: BRUSH is at the forefront of new energy technologies, supplying generators rated up to 100MW for concentrated solar projects in Spain and Abu Dhabi. Mirrors focus the sun’s heat to a central collector, creating steam which drives the turbine generator.

Many of these old records can be found on history pages on the World Wide Web. Your further research on the BRUSH company founder and his many early accomplishments is encouraged. You can find records and artifacts in the Smithsonian Institute and Library of Congress and also the US Patents Office archives, all in Washington DC. The original Charles Francis BRUSH collection of historical personal and business papers and photographs are maintained for research at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio.

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