Robotic Generator Inspection


RoGIS is a robotic inspection system that carries out EL CID tests, stator wedge tightness assessment and a full visual inspection of the stator and rotor. Watch the RoGIS system in action on our YouTube channel 


RoGIS makes a fully automated inspection of the stator core:

  • The Generator Inspection Vehicle (GIV) is placed in a docking station mounted as a link in a chain around the retaining ring. By remote control the chain rotates around the ring and the docking link is placed exactly in front of a slot
  • The GIV is then guided through the gap between the retaining ring and stator and will magnetically attach to the core iron. When the GIV returns into the docking link the chain will be rotated until the dock can move into the next slot
  • The unique docking system ensures precise release and return of the generator inspection vehicle from the stator slot. Four high resolution on-board cameras provide BRUSH service engineers with clear views of the stator core laminations, field and stator wedges, cooling slots and an on-board view of the retaining rings.


The cost reductions in comparing in-situ inspection to traditional inspection methods are achieved through the following: 

  • Reducing downtime.
  • Eliminating consequential damage.
  • Reducing disassembly requirements.
  • Depending on the type of in-situ inspection carried out the reduction to your outage period can be between 4 to 12 days.
  • Enhanced more efficient maintenance planning for future outages.