Geothermal energy is currently the only renewable capable of stand-alone 24/7 base-load operation


Geothermal energy is currently the only renewable capable of genuine 24/7 base-load operation. Project development carries similar risks to Oil & Gas exploration however, and the geothermal environment can be corrosive due to the presence of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Some geothermal technologies can themselves create a potentially hazardous environment. Consequently, investments need to be well protected with reliable and durable installations and developers should minimise the risk of deterioration and unscheduled down-time in operation.  Using technology and features proven in the most arduous environments, both onshore and offshore, for over 40 years, BRUSH has the knowledge and expertise to provide generators that ensure a continuous and dependable plant output.

For geothermal applications worldwide, BRUSH provides:

  • Salient pole air cooled 4-pole turbogenerators, type DG.
  • Cylindrical rotor air cooled 2-pole turbogenerators, type DAX.
  • CACW (TEWAC) or CACA (TEAAC) cooling, as required.
  • Corrosion prevention of internal and exposed surfaces and components, including special coatings and materials.
  • Where required, a non-carbon H2S filter.  The filter has its own fan and takes air from the surroundings to maintain the generator at a slight overpressure with H2S free air.
  • Compliance with IEC60079 requirements for Zone 2 hazardous areas.
  • PRISMIC® power management and excitation control equipment.
  • Generator step-up transformers.
  • Unit auxiliary transformers.
  • Switchgear.
  • Responsive and experienced technical support to ensure optimum plant performance.
  • Comprehensive “round the clock” Aftermarket capability, including parts, site service and repairs of any make of electrical machine.

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