Air Cooled 2-Pole Turbogenerators

BRUSH DAX cylindrical rotor, air cooled generators are extensively used in public utility, cogeneration, CHP, industrial and offshore applications


BRUSH air cooled 2 pole turbogenerators have the following features:

  • Simple foundation design
  • Minimum number of individual power station components
  • All generators are factory tested, reducing the on site testing and commissioning time
  • Modular construction giving a fine balance between flexibility and standardization of components for fast economic construction
  • Fully developed system readily adapted to any turbine design
  • Fully compliant with the provisions of the relevant international standard specifications, including IEC and IEEE
  • Output range 10 MVA to 300 MVA, with capability of synchronous compensator operation
  • Voltage range up to 20 kV
  • Speed range, 3000 rev/min for 50 Hz operation and 3600 rev/min for 60 Hz operation
  • Brushless or Static excitation
  • Single end or double end drive
  • The following type of cooling can be offered: Open circuit, filter ventilated. Closed air circuit, water cooled, and Closed air circuit, air cooled

BRUSH DAX generators have been supplied for the following turbine/companies:

Industrial Gas Turbines Aero Derivative Gas Turbines Steam Turbines

General Electric Frame 5
General Electric Frame 6
General Electric Frame 7
General Electric Frame 9
Siemens Westinghouse W501
Siemens Westinghouse W701
Mitsubishi MF111
Alstom GT11
Siemens SGT-500
Siemens SGT-900

General Electric LM1800e
General Electric LM2500
General Electric LM2500+
General Electric LM2500+ G4
General Electric LM5000
General Electric LM6000
General Electric LMS100
Pratt & Whitney FT4
Pratt & Whitney FT8
Rolls Royce Avon
Rolls Royce Spey
Rolls Royce Olympus
Rolls Royce RB211  
Rolls Royce Trent

Allen Power
Alstom Power
Dresser Rand
Elliot Company
Franco Tosi Meccanica
General Electric
Man Diesel & Turbo 
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Shin Nippon Machinery Co
Skoda Power

Download the DAX10 2 pole turbogenerator brochure here 

Download the DAX 2 pole turbogenerator brochure here

DAX designation information

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