BRUSH Aftermarket has announced a major new investment in its facility in Pittsburgh, PA....


Already the Pittsburgh based operation offers a full range of inspection, testing, repair and retrofit services for BRUSH and all major generator brands. Now, through the addition of a state of the art balance pit, it will offer high speed rotor balancing technology, which can help to dramatically improve rotor and overall machine reliability. It will also reduce lead times and enable BRUSH to be a one stop shop. 

The balance pit will be one of the largest of its kind in the North Eastern US and showcases the latest in dynamic rotor balancing technology from market leaders Schenck.

The rotor of a working generator can become unbalanced over a period of several years, leading to increased vibrations and, in the worst case scenario, component failure. High-speed balance pit testing allows engineers to evaluate the mechanical and magnetic stability of the rotor under simulated conditions and make very precise adjustments to correct its performance.

Without testing at high speeds, future issues may remain undetected, potentially leading to excessive vibration that could lead to rotor failure and millions of dollars in downtime.

The Pittsburgh facility allows rotors to be tested at up to 20% per cent over rated speed, verifying the structural integrity of all components. It can also help to test thermal stability of the winding assembly and identify shorted turns and ground faults.

BRUSH recommends a balance test after all maintenance periods and specifically when new retaining rings are installed or a new copper re-wind is carried out. The technology at the Pittsburgh balance pit operates on rotors weighing up to a maximum of 55 US tons.

Roy Beardshaw, Head of Aftermarket Engineering at BRUSH says: “Changes in the structural stability of the rotor can be caused by a number of factors including previous repairs and modifications. For that reason, any rotor that has undergone changes in its lifetime should have a high speed balance pit test. There is really no alternative if you want to ensure the safe, smooth running of your generator.

 “The facility’s state-of-the-art technology also enables us to slash response times and provide a rapid turnaround. When required we can set up, balance and ship rotors out within a 24-hour window.”

Blair Illingworth, CEO, comments: “This investment provides our Americas & Canadian customers with access to world class dynamic balancing technology. We already provide our Aftermarket services across the continents, including our round-the-clock Service 24 support, and the balance pit creates a complete solution offering.   

“Moving into 2016, we also have plans to open new maintenance workshops in Latin America and the Middle East.”

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