BRUSH exhibit in front of 17000 visitors at the 2011 Power-Gen International exhibition.

BRUSH at Power-Gen 2011 Las Vegas

Energy industry leaders from around the world gathered in Las Vegas in December for the annual Power Generation International Conference and Exhibit. BRUSH presented themselves alongside major competitors and customers and met with visiting customers including engineers, operators and builders over the three days of this major exhibit. Over 17000 visitors attended this year’s conference and a significant amount of enquiries were made to BRUSH sales and engineering representatives. Dr Klaus Weigelt from BRUSH Aftermarket presented a paper attended by over 90 customers describing generator failure and repair options. 

This is the premier Electric Power show in the Americas. BRUSH listened and noted what customers and contacts had to say, which will be fed into future projects and further enhance the existing market leading service and quality standards. This event enables BRUSH to gain an insight to what customers are thinking and doing across all the major energy industries.