Pratt & Whitney Power combine with BRUSH for the 50th MobilePac turbine generator package which is on its way to service in Africa.

BRUSH deliver the 50th Generator for Pratt & Whitney MobilePac

In July a BDAX 62-170ER generator left the BRUSH production facility in Loughborough UK for a destination in Algeria where it will link up to form the 50th P&W MobilePac combined with a BRUSH generator. The MobilePac consists of a self contained gas turbine generator measuring 25’ x 60’ and is powered by P&W FT8 engine a variant of the JT8D family of engines which power 727, 737 and DC9 aircraft.

The current model introduced in 2004, consists of a control unit and a BRUSH generation unit that contains the engine. To date MobilePac’s utilising BRUSH generators have been exported to customers in Venezuela, Norway, Argentina, France, Spain and Russia.

The FT8 MobilePac generates up to 25 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 20,000 homes and can run on natural gas, diesel or aircraft fuel. The mobile units can be moved over the roads to a prepared site and producing electricity in as little as 24 hours.

Andrew Rick (BRUSH project manager for P&W) said

"We are proud indeed to work with Pratt & Whitney on what has become a very successful solution for the provision of ‘mobile’ generating capacity.  These units are used in situations where power generation capacity is required urgently or on a temporary basis.  Their success in this market place has meant that the BDAX 62-170 generator is one of the most common generator frames under construction in the BRUSH Loughborough workshops.  We wish Pratt & Whitney continued success in the future with this world class engineering solution"

Pratt & Whitney in Hartford Connecticut have also celebrated the completion of their 50th unit at their local assembly plant.  Engineering, commercial and productions teams including BRUSH as a major supplier all attended.