BRUSH Aftermarket launch BRUSH Lifecycle Management

BRUSH Aftermarket launch BRUSH Lifecycle Management

BRUSH Lifecycle Management

BRUSH Aftermarket recently launched five new service initiatives under the collective banner of BRUSH Lifecycle Management. Simply put, Lifecycle Management offers customers the security and confidence that their generator and associated machinery is cared for 24/7/365 reducing the possibility of unplanned outages.

BRUSH Lifecycle Management consists of…

BRUSH Parts Direct  BRUSH Parts Direct offers a interactive online parts catalogue allowing you to search for specific products and purchase them with ultimate ease.  Delivery is arranged with equal speed and efficiency all year round. It also allows you to easily check latest prices, critical parts lists and up to date stock availability, 24 hours a day.

BRUSH Optimum Performance Plan  The BRUSH Optimum Performance Plan is a tailor made way for you to maximize the life span of your BRUSH Machine and maintain a healthy return on your investment. With any level of protection you choose, whether it is Bronze, Silver or Gold you will be receiving the unrivalled skill and attention to detail of the full BRUSH service team.

BRUSH Assured  BRUSH Assured means that you’ll never be worried about lead times on critical parts availability.  Wherever you are in the world including remote locations or areas with complicated border restrictions you can have the confidence that any critical parts are close to hand.

BRUSH Condition Monitoring   BRUSH Condition Monitoring allows complete peace of mind, ensuring you know about the performance of your machine without having to experience any outages or down time. Our service covers all your needs from installation to reading, analysing and providing full reports on your machines PD data.

BRUSH Performance Upgrades  With BRUSH Performance Upgrades you can get increased performance and productivity without the need for costly replacements. A number of Performance Upgrades are available for BRUSH Generators, as well as PRISMIC Excitation Systems and Power Management Systems.