Five BRUSH BDAX generators are delivered to Japan as part of the ongoing relief effort.

BRUSH generators delivered to Japan

At end of April 2011 BRUSH were notified by Pratt & Whitney Power Systems that FT8 Aero engine driven BRUSH BDAX72-290 generator sets and BDAX62-170 generator sets had been acquired by APR Energy LLC to assist with the relief effort in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami.

Two half SWIFTPAC and three MOBILEPAC units were to be rush delivered to APR Energy who were recently awarded a contract to supply the Tokyo Electric Power Company with temporary power solutions. A teleconference was arranged to discuss the possibilities for delivering the generator units by air freight.  The two larger BRUSH BDAX72-290 generator units were complete and packed for sea freight and held in storage in Bremerhaven, Germany. Of the three smaller BDAX62-170 units, one was complete, packed for sea freight and in storage in Loughborough UK.  The other two were still in manufacture, due for completion in May 2011.  It was agreed that a representative from the specialist freight aircraft operator would visit BRUSH in Loughborough to view similar generator units in production and make recommendations for additional handling equipment to enable these machines to be transported via an Antonov freight aircraft.

The movements were co-ordinated between BRUSH, Rock-It Cargo and Sound Moves (UK) Ltd.  These two specialist logistics companies were selected for their experience and attention to detail, usually provided to the entertainment and live events industry. Their experience in working with these industries has led them to expand their services to cover other businesses requiring the same meticulous care.  BRUSH put together arrangements to ensure that the necessary work was completed in just three weeks, coordinating activities across engineering and production areas within BRUSH. The project also involved BRUSH Aftermarket engineers working at both East Midlands Airport, UK and Bremerhaven, Germany overseeing the handling of the generators and in the case of the larger machines, removing the original packaging at the storage warehouse in Germany.  All five machines were successfully air freighted during the last week of May, the very last machine being loaded onto the Antonov aircraft on Saturday 28 May, less than 24 hours after completion and despatch from the BRUSH UK factory.

Following completion of the final airlift, Mr Martin Corr of Sound Moves (UK) Ltd sent the following message to BRUSH:-

"I must say that the commitment and support from every department within BRUSH to get this mission completed went way beyond the call of duty.  The can do attitude was a real breath of fresh air.

Mission accomplished......."

The generators will provide electricity in the cities of Yokosuka and Hitachinaka.

Photograph courtesy of Mr Martin Corr, Sound Moves (UK) Ltd.