BRUSH is visited by customer delegation from Thailand

BRUSH is visited by customer delegation from Thailand

BRUSH received a delegation from Thailand at its facility in Ridderkerk. The delegation came to witness the testing of the generator purchased by PTT Utility Company Limited for the Central Uitility Project.

The water cooled 4-pole generator type DG215ZP, has a power output of 38713kW, 11 kV, at power factor 0.8

The generator, to meet the exacting requirement of the customer's specification was subjected to a comprehensive testing programme that included the following:
- winding resistances
- short-circuit characteristic, losses and current balance.
- no-load characteristic, losses and voltage balance.
- bearing shell temperature test.
- vibration measurement.
- harmonic analysis voltage wave form
- phase sequence check
- sudden short-circuit test
- field current decay test.
- zero sequence reactance.
- negative sequence reactance.
- determination of moment of inertia.
- insulation resistance
- dielectric test

BRUSH Project Manager,  Erwin van Campen advised that,  "The successful testing programme for the generator was on time and to the complete satisfaction of the delegation from Thailand. The delegation were able to return home with a complete and finalised test report that including all calculations and results". 

The generator is now being packed for shipment to the customers site and will be commissioned by BRUSH engineers during 2007.