BRUSH deliver a GE TM2500 trailer mounted generator to La Paz, Bolivia

BRUSH on top of the world

BRUSH has delivered a single trailer mounted generator to be used for power generation into the local grid located in La Paz, Bolivia.

The site is known as ‘Kenco’ and is close to El Alto International Airport, one of the highest commercial airports in the world at 13325ft, or 4061.5m above sea level.

BRUSH delivered a single generator de-rated to approximately 19MW due to the high altitude. It forms part of a GE TM2500 trailer unit.

Generator data:

  • Type  BDAX 62.170ER
  • Driver   GE TM2500 gas turbine
  • Power output 19 MW
  • Voltage 11.5 kV
  • Frequency  50 Hz
  • Cooling system Direct air cooled  - filter ventilated
  • Excitation Brushless excitation system with PRISMIC® A30 controller/AVR