BRUSH has supplied four Hydrogen cooled turbogenerators for the nuclear project, Mochovce 3 & 4

BRUSH participate in the largest private investment project in Slovakian history

BRUSH recently dispatched the fourth and final 300 MVA turbogenerators to be used in conjunction with steam turbines supplied by ŠKODA POWER a.s., Czech Republic, for an extension to an existing nuclear project at Mochovce in Slovakia.

Completion of the phases 3 & 4 is the largest private investment in the history of Slovakia. The end user is Slovenské elektrárne, a.s., - part of the Enel Group.

Mochovce is one of three nuclear power plants currently under construction in the EU.

Generator data:

  • Type   2H 6688/2-VH
  • Driver Steam turbine ŠKODA POWER
  • Power output 4x 300 MVA
  • Voltage 15.75 kV
  • Frequency  50 Hz
  • Cooling system  Hydrogen & water cooled
  • Excitation Static excitation system PRISMIC A50-SC.2D, excitation transformer 2 500 kVA
  • Accessories Hydrogen & water system, oil lubrication system, bus ducts, transformer 250 kVA for testing of excitation system

For up to date information on this project visit the Slovenské elektrárne site by clicking here

Pictured: Stator and rotor of a 300 MVA turbogenerator for the nuclear project, Mochovce 3 & 4