BRUSH received a delegation from Italy at its facility in Loughborough. The delegation came to witness the testing of a PRISMIC Power Management System (PMS) purchased by Global Service Automation for the Belayim Petroleum Company Power Station project in Egypt.  


BRUSH PRISMIC PMS systems, offer a number of benefits for customers with power generation systems including:

• Improved supply security
• Reduced manning levels
• Optimum usage of plant
• Power system data gathering

The PRISMIC PMS had to meet the exacting requirement of the customer's specification and was subjected to a comprehensive testing programme involving a full simulation of the actual site system.

BRUSH Project Manager, Matthew Handford advised that,  "The successful testing programme for the PRISMIC Power Management System (PMS) was completed one day early and to the satisfaction of the customer. This is an upgrade to the existing PRISMIC, with the addition of new functionality in hardware and software ensuring that the customer's  future power generation expansion needs are met. 

The PRISMIC PMS is now being packed for shipment to the customer's site and is scheduled to  be commissioned by BRUSH engineers during 2007.