BRUSH are supplying twelve turbogenerators for a ´combined cycle´ plant in Israel.

BRUSH to supply generators to Israel

BRUSH are supplying twelve 45MW turbogenerators for use with GE Energy – LM6000 gas turbines plus two steam turbine units via Skoda Power. The gas turbine packages are to be assembled and tested at the GE Hungary packaging facility. These will be installed in the Dorad power plant, owned by the Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company, which will be the largest private power plant in Israel.  The project is a ´combined cycle´ plant, which will provide electricity to consumers throughout Israel, and will distribute any excess production capacity to the Israeli Electric Company, in accordance with the local electricity market regulations.

The BRUSH BDAX8-290ER generator design has a higher mechanical inertia than the regular selection, which assists the gas turbine system in riding through transient load fluctuations, improving stability, reducing potential downtime and increasing grid reliability.

Generator data

  • Type  BDAX 8.290ERH
  • Driver Gas turbine GE LM6000
  • Power output 12 x 45 MW
  • Voltage 11.5 kV
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Cooling system Self ventilated, open inlet and ducted outlet
  • Excitation  Brushless AC exciter