TECHNICAL COMPLEXITY: Full load back-to-back testing of two MAX motors

Fourth motor order for Nyhamna

BRUSH has been awarded the contract for a fourth export compressor motor for the Ormen Lange/Nyhamna gas processing facility in Norway.

The order is part of the prestigious and important US$1.8bn Nyhamna plant expansion – the biggest infrastructure project in Norway this year. The order calls for BRUSH UK to manufacture a MAX 8-335 motor. Delivery date is 1 August 2014.

Jo Thijssen, Managing Director, Special Projects and Controls, said three of these motors were commissioned in 2007 when the plant went operational. This kind of equipment, he said, is normally engineered to order: “In general, the demand for electrical-driven compressors is growing but it remains a niche market.”

Like the three previously delivered motors, it is a variable speed motor pressurised to operate in a hazardous environment. BRUSH will ship the motor to Italy for string testing with the variable speed drive built by our customer, ABB, and the compressor built by GE Oil & Gas, before it is transported to Norway for installation.

Jo said the variable speed specification adds to the motor’s technical complexity, making the project “interesting with a high demand on engineering skills”.

The Nyhamna plant processes natural gas from the Norwegian Ormen Lange field which is then pumped 1,166 kilometres (725 miles) to the UK via the subsea Langeled pipeline. The gas meets about 20 per cent of UK demand.