BRUSH is the largest independent manufacturer of turbogenerators in the world, combining the resources of three major manufacturers of generators for gas turbine and steam turbine drive


BRUSH defines Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, as the impact its businesses have on its employees, partners, customers, shareholders, the environment and both the local  and international community. Through CSR, BRUSH is able to engage with its stakeholders and local communities, building relationships of trust and integrity; to demonstrate concern for the environment through energy saving initiatives, promotion of renewable energy and improved product and process efficiencies; and to maintain safe, reliable operation through careful monitoring of health and safety incidents and regular review of working practices. It is for these reasons that BRUSH firmly believes good CSR practice is not only desirable in its own right but also makes good business sense.

The policy provides an open and transparent account of the activities and performance of the Group and its subsidiary businesses in what has been identified as the three key areas of CSR.

  • Social & Environmental
  • Health & Safety
  • Environment
  • Modern Day Slavery Act Statement

BRUSH’s continuing progress in CSR demonstrates it is a company that:

  • Has a clear strategy and defined performance targets
  • Continually seeks out better methods of operation
  • Strives to improve service to customers by developing innovative products, systems and solutions
  • Displays the highest standards of trust and integrity
  • Strives towards sustainability

Download Modern Day Slavery Act Statement

Download Modern Slavery Statement year ending 2017

In line with new Government Regulations Brush is publishing its first Gender Pay Gap report.

Download Gender Pay Gap Report 2017