Thermal Power

BRUSH have been involved in thermal power production since providing two steam turbine driven generators to the UK’s Midland Electricity Corporation in 1912


In the 1960s, the company positioned itself as a leading supplier to the gas turbine industry and has now accrued broader experience of gas turbine based power generation than any other generator manufacturer worldwide.

For thermal power applications worldwide, BRUSH provides:

  • Cylindrical rotor hydrogen cooled 2-pole turbogenerators
  • Cylindrical rotor combined cooled 2-pole turbogenerators
  • Cylindrical rotor air cooled 2-pole turbogenerators, type DAX
  • Salient pole air cooled 4-pole turbogenerators, type DG
  • Open ventilated, CACW (TEWAC) or CACA (TEAAC) cooling, as required
  • PRISMIC® power management and excitation control equipment.
  • Generator step-up transformers
  • Unit auxiliary transformers
  • Switchgear
  • Responsive and experienced technical support to ensure optimum plant performance
  • Comprehensive “round the clock” Aftermarket capability, including parts, site service and repairs of any make of electrical machine