The supply of prime power and standby generators from 3kva to 500kva is the core of Harrington Generators International’s (HGI) business and has been so for over 30 years


HGI customers can also benefit from our comprehensive service support, which enables us to respond to emergencies throughout the UK 24 hrs a day.

Our experience in servicing and repairing all makes of generators will bring you a swift conclusion to your down time, thus eliminating costs. Holding over 16,000 commonly used parts and accessories of current and obsolete generators in stock, we can dispatch within 24hrs, whether you’re enquiry is made by phone or the Internet.

Generator Service
Generator Service
Regular Servicing
Regular Servicing
  • Generator service
    Servicing a GX160

    Fuel / Oil
    Q: What type of fuel do the HGI petrol sets run on?
    A: Any unleaded fuel, BP, Shell etc

    Q: What oil should I use in my new petrol set?
    A: 10W-40 or slightly heavier oil designed for a petrol engine, just like a petrol car

    Q: How much oil do I need to put in my petrol generator?
    A: Around ? to 1 litre depending on the size of the engine, fill it until the oil is at the marked level on the dipstick. If the set fails to start then check the oil level is high enough, as the oil alert feature on the Honda engines is quite precise.

    Q: What fuel does my new Harrington diesel set run on?
    A: Use normal white diesel fuel, as in a diesel car engine. However a significant cost saving can be gained by using Agricultural diesel, or Red diesel as it is commonly known.

    Q: What oil should I use in my new diesel set?
    A: 15W-40 oil designed for a diesel engine, just like a diesel car

    Q: How much oil do I need to put in my diesel generator?
    A: Please refer to the user manual supplied with your generator

    Q: How often should my 3000rpm generator be serviced?
    A: A first service after 25 hours, and then at 100 hour intervals for petrol and 150 for diesel. Please refer to the supplied user manual for specific generators.

  • regular servicing 

    Regular servicing is an essential part of maintaining your generator's engine efficiency and reliability.  Most manufacturers recommend that you service your engine at least once every 12 months. In some cases, twice a year or more is needed depending on the amount of hours run.

    This not only ensures that your engine is at its optimum in fuel efficiency, but maintains the engine in order to minimize the risk of breakdowns.  This will save you money in the long run, as worn items can be spotted sooner, saving further problems.

    Additional benefits of routine and regular servicing is that emissions can be kept within manufacturers recommendations, cutting down on pollution and saving unnecessary and costly fuel wastage. With fuel prices on  constant increase, fuel efficiency is at the forefront of most owners' minds.

    We use only top quality products when servicing your generator, and always with the correct grade of engine oil.  It is no longer feasible to use one can of engine oil in all cases.   Every engine demands a certain type and grade of lubricant and using the wrong grade can have disastrous consequences.  Some oils are specific to one type of engine only.

    We can also stamp your service record, a major benefit for when it's time to upgrade your generator. A full service history can add pounds to the secondhand value of your set.

    Give us a call (01629 821647) to make an appointment for us to service your generator using our in house 26-point health checker guide or drop us an email service@HGIgenerators.com

    Do It Yourself we will provide all the items necessary in a conveniently packaged kit and give you an easy to follow step-by-step guide.

  • training

    HGI provides comprehensive training courses on all products throughout its range.

    Split into 3 levels dependent on previous knowledge and experience, the courses cover everything from basic maintenance to advanced alternator operation.

    Advantages include:

    • Problems can be diagnosed and hopefully repaired without the set having to come back to HGI for service, resulting in less downtime and greater rental revenue.
    • Enquiries will be met with an improved knowledge of correct sizing and specification, therefore the customer is more likely to be satisfied, and call again
    • A far greater number of problems are able to be fixed ‘on-site’ without a set ever coming off hire, greatly improving the relationship with the end-user.
    • The cost of non-warrantable work will be vastly reduced, as service staff should be able to deal with the majority of problems, with only the cost of replacement parts to factor in.
    • With regular servicing and maintenance where necessary, a fleet of generators will provide revenue for a significantly longer period of time, reducing outlay considerably.

    The courses take place at HGI’s main factory in Derbyshire, and typically last for 6 hours in total.   Lunch is provided.

    If you believe that your staff/organisation could benefit from improved generator knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact HGI on:
    Tel +44 1629 824284