BRUSH conducts mid-journey generator repairs for major cruise ship

Cruise Ship

While passengers are enjoying a trip of a lifetime, a staggering array of complex and powerful machinery is working below deck on cruise ships. While the ship’s engineers are well-trained to solve most issues with ease and ensure easy travel from port to port, sometimes equipment urgently requires expert attention. In this case, the vessel contacted BRUSH experts who are available to provide technical support 24/7.

The background

One of our customers, an operator of a world-renowned cruise line, noted that there were increasingly high temperature readings on a critical bearing, they quickly contacted us through our Service 24™ program.

The challenge

Our customer carried out basic testing and deduced that the bearing likely needed to be replaced. Fortunately, they had stocked critical spares including a spare bearing on-board, but they had not stocked the essential bearing accessories such as jacking oil pipes and non-return valves.

The solution

As time was of the essence, we quickly organized a plan to deliver the necessary parts to the vessel. The parts were gathered, and since the hoses were on the critical path, to keep the turnaround time a fast as possible, we had them manufactured at extremely short notice. These parts covered both the gas turbine driven generators on the vessel.
One of our engineers was able to travel to the ship within a few days with the spare parts, providing an extremely fast plant-to-craft delivery.

The results

On inspection, the bearing was found to be worn from adverse operating conditions, after being in service without issue for 15 years. While aboard, our engineer was able to identify several other minor issues and advised the customer on the best course of action to get the problems fixed.

BRUSH generators provide assured power and are essential where reliability is paramount. The job was completed successfully, and our engineer returned home leaving a satisfied customer to set sail.

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