How BRUSH is using Sovelia to streamline data collaboration

The Challenge

BRUSH & Symetri

Often in engineering, if a process works, there’s little sense changing it. In the case of BRUSH, however, the continued success of our three engineering processes meant that they had become isolated from one another. Data from our UK site, for instance, was incompatible with that of the Czech site, and could not be easily shared or viewed by engineers.

While these inconsistencies could be reworked, doing so created increased costs and lead times. Yet, changing company-wide processes to unify the three complex engineering groups was a particularly difficult task, as harmonising sub-processes would simply take too long. A smart, data-led answer was needed.

The Solution

After having Sovelia demonstrated by long-time partners Symetri, the engineering and product lifecycle management solution was chosen to be installed across the Group.

We trusted that the data sharing platform would enable seamless data access for our British, Dutch, Czech and US engineers. Allowing data from all three processes to be accessed online, simply and quickly via laptop, tablet and smartphone, and ensuring security and stability across all product data sets, Sovelia permitted collaboration without the limitations of office-hours contact.

The Results

Acting as an umbrella over the three international sites, Sovelia will allow BRUSH to work as a group, as opposed to individual businesses. While there were inherent challenges replacing an aging and complex PDM system and keeping processes running despite significant operational change, Sovelia will be rolled out across the business reliably and effectively.

With greater collaboration should come quicker lead times, lower costs and continued product quality – yet the greatest benefit of Sovelia has been improved dependability. Our Engineers can now rely on their data better than ever, greatly benefiting the solutions our customers receive.

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