How we incorporated BRUSH Netherlands into the ONE BRUSH philosophy

Netherlands ONE BRUSH Data Transfer

At BRUSH Group, we have recently introduced a new philosophy – ONE BRUSH. The aim is to ensure all BRUSH teams across the globe are united, utilising high-fidelity data and knowledge sharing to continually develop and grow. After all, a recent interview with JoJo Hubbard in Power Engineering International claimed that shared data will change the energy market. BRUSH is at the forefront of this movement.

One big challenge recently was the transition of information between the 3 European BRUSH sites, in the UK, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. The initial process was to migrate CAD information between the three outposts into one global engineering database between the UK, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. This was the foundation towards implementing the new Group Sovelia PLM system across the group.

The task fell to our very own IT Manager, Gareth.

He was our man on the ground as the data was transferred in Rotterdam and below you can read his progress updates:


Friday 1st March

Historically, we had 3 separate engineering databases. Our challenge was to migrate all this data into one unified source, a ‘one source of truth’. Over Christmas 2018, we managed to migrate the UK and Czech Republic data but felt that adding the Netherlands would be a ‘bridge too far’ and decided to postpone the Dutch migration until the new year.

This weekend we have started the Netherlands migration. With any data migration, you need a good team and I have an the best possible!


Sunday 3rd March, AM

I’m currently en route to Rotterdam via the train and I’ve just received a message which contains great news...the data import is 98% complete.


Sunday 3rd March, PM

Just received the all clear and the import has finished, time for a celebratory metaphorical high-five.

The next couple of hours will be testing, testing and more testing. This could be a long night but a worthwhile one. The more we can do this evening, the quicker we can give the database back to the Dutch designers on Monday.


Monday 4th March, AM

Monday starts in a great way, commuting to work on a boat. A fantastic experience.


Monday 4th March, AM 2

We have imported 500,000 files and only 90 failed. That's a fail rate of just 0.018%. With only 90 files to be reworked, I feel we can handle that.

There were a few small issues this morning, but we have worked through the majority and just a few remain before we get over the finish line. A pleasure to be working as ONE BRUSH with my BRUSHNL colleagues.

There is a great motivational sign on the office wall which reads:

"We have always done it that way. The seven most expensive words in business.” This is very close to my favourite phrase: “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.”


Monday 4th March, PM

While the data import was a success, however, we have stumbled upon some customised code that we were not aware of. We have banged our heads together all morning and this afternoon to try and resolve. 

Most of the code we have managed to 'un-customise', but there is one final piece of the jigsaw that we cannot resolve that is stopping us from moving on. 

Laptops are out tonight as we work together as one team.


Monday 4th March, PM 2

A long night, teamwork and perseverance have paid off, the finish line is within touching distance!


Tuesday 5th March, AM

The migration has been completed and BRUSHNL is now a full member of the 'BRUSH Triangle'.

This has been a huge team effort, thanks to everyone involved!

We can now move on to implementing our PLM software, Sovelia, and I for one can’t wait.

A great job by all and proof that the ONE BRUSH approach is a successful one.