Generators & Motor

Combined Cooled Generators

BRUSH offers a range of combined hydrogen- and water-cooled generators suitable to meet specific customer needs.


When output requirements exceed that of air cooled generators, BRUSH offers a range of combined cooled units.

The increased cooling performance, through the use of hydrogen, and specially designed water cooled stator bars, allows for high outputs and efficiencies, with the full lifecycle support as for all other types of BRUSH generators.

BRUSH generators are compatible with a broad range of prime mover drivers including steam turbines, heavy frame gas turbines and turbo-expanders. 

Our engineering team are recognised experts in providing optimised generator selections to meet customers’ unique operating conditions.

Key benefits

Custom Engineered Solutions
High Efficiency
Proven Design

Technical Specifications

Voltage15 to 24 kV
ExcitationStatic or Shaft Mounted Exciter
InsulationClass F
Frequency50 or 60 Hz
Output350 to 1,250 MVA
DriveSingle End Drive
DriverHeavy Frame Gas Turbine/ Steam Turbine

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BRUSH has a global reputation for service excellence and dedicated customer support. Whether it’s the provision of parts or the delivery of service support in the field, at the customer’s premises or at our network of Service Workshops.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge expanding over more than 145 years, the capabilities of BRUSH are endless and service unrivalled, with engineers stationed worldwide and spare parts ready 24/7/365, it is a truly global organisation.