Lifecycle Management


As with all electrical machinery, transformers require essential maintenance in order to keep them effective. However, this can often be an extremely time consuming experience and uncover potentially costly problems. BRUSH Transformers have devised an effective, cost efficient ‘Lifecycle Management’ package to help counteract these issues.

There are a multitude of reasons to introduce this Lifecycle Management package into your regular maintenance

  • Suspected Transformer Fault
  • Transformer Failure Investigation
  • Condition Assessment for Network Planning
  • Condition Assessment for Refurbishment
  • Confirmation of Condition - Pre/Post Transformer Relocation
  • Tracking of Transformer Condition - Plotting of Degredation
  • Confirmation of Condition on Delivery

Lifecycle management is a package of electrical tests designed to indicate the condition and predicted life expectancy of transformers on a customers’ network. This process begins at the beginning of the transformers life and testing should be carried out at regular intervals. The information gathered is held on file at BRUSH and from this, the condition of the transformer can be tracked.

The same series of tests can also be used to determine if a transformer has been damaged and should be removed from service (Condition Assessment).

These tests are:

  • SFRA (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis)
  • DFRA (Dielectric Frequency Response Analysis)
  • Capacitance and Dissipation Factor
  • Winding Resistance
  • Polarisation Index
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis

Using leading edge test equipment and site engineers with a wealth of knowledge and experience, we can use these tests to safely and efficiently extend the life of our customers products and offer suggestive or essential upgrades and modifications that can be carried out at site or at our state of the art production facility in Loughborough.

Adopting a lifecycle management package guarantees the best possible performance and longevity for all of your products. This service can be utilised from the initial commissioning of your new transformer or simply when you feel necessary changes may need to be made to your existing equipment. There are countless benefits to carrying out this programme, including;

  • Advance warning of transformer condition deterioration
  • Reduced risk of unexpected outages 
  • Results kept on file for future comparison
  • Proof of condition upon delivery
  • Highlight high priority asset
  • Possible reduction in repair costs if fault found before failure


As part of this comprehensive lifecycle management programme, BRUSH Transformers offers a structured inspection scheme, which can be tailored to meet the operational needs of the installed equipment and facility. These inspections are available for all BRUSH Transformers products in addition to third party equipment. By following this inspection programme, the equipment outage time is reduced to a known minimum period. It also provides a continuous appraisal of the equipments current condition. As a result of each inspection, potential problems arising can be addressed prior to them causing serious failure.


The notion that prevention is better than cure lies at the heart of any maintenance programme. BRUSH Transformers Aftermarket support services are fully equipped to provide all existing operators with a customised support package. This may be adapted to suit each and every individual operators need, wherever the installation is situated.

The ultimate goal of our industry is to provide clean, efficient power 24/7 - essentially, keeping the lights on for our customers and yours.

We believe that this lifecycle management programme is a key step to doing just that, providing a first class service for your BRUSH Transformers that will not only extend the life of your product, but prevent potential costly failures that lead to power disruption for the end client. 

This service has been designed to cover all eventualities and possible outcomes in regards to transformer maintenance - and our experienced site technicians can provide on-the-spot advice before we analyse the tests to provide the most proficient way forward.

Boasting over 125 years of exceptional service, BRUSH Transformers is a global brand, offering state of the art service, advice and workmanship from order intake to the end of the transformers life.

With BRUSH Transformers you can be assured that we will provide a first class service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

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