AC Switchgear (Outdoor)

Horizon & Horizon Compact

The Horizon fills the market need for outdoor, ground-mounted circuit breakers and features the award-winning magnetic actuator.


Featuring the most advanced operating mechanism available on the market today, the Horizon offers unrivalled reliability, protection and environmental endurance for outdoor circuit breakers.

Designed for 15.5kV, 27kV or 38kV applications, the Horizon can be used with other products from BRUSH Switchgear to provide cost-effective and compact substations or breathe new life into existing substations by replacing old and obsolete equipment.

Key benefits

Custom solutions
Asset life extension
Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
Proven design
Improved operator safety

Unique features

Current transformers are located within the bushing design, external to the gas enclosure, to allow for easy changing/addition.

Mechanical ON/OFF position indication visible through clear viewing window from ground level.

The magnetic actuator is based on a solenoid plunger, held in the tripped or closed position by a permanent magnet.

Technical Specification

Maximum System Voltage15.5kV27kV38kV
Continuous Current1250A1250A1250A/2000A
Interrupting Current25kA25kA25kA/31.5kA
Rated Operating SequenceO – 0.3sec – CO – 15sec – COO – 0.3sec – CO – 15sec – COO – 0.3sec – CO – 15sec – CO
Impulse Voltage Withstand95kV125kV170kV/200kV
Power Frequency Withstand Dry1min 28kV1min 50kV1min 80kV
Power Frequency Withstand Wet10secs 80kV10secs 80kV10secs 80kV
Control Voltage110V dc110V dc110/125V dc (48 & 220 Optional)
Rated Frequency50/60Hz50/60Hz50/60Hz
Rated 3 sec Short-Time Current25kA25kA25kA/31.5kA
Rated Peak Making Current65kA65kA65kA/82kA
Ambient Air Temperature-50˚C to +50˚C-50˚C to +50˚C-50˚C to +50˚C

Key Features

Safety Without Compromise
Vacuum interruption in an SF6 filled, controlled environment and internal arc containment
Dead tank construction
Suitable for live or dead tank applications
Generous accommodation for current transformers and optional adjustable legs
Aluminium tank makes transport and installation easier
Damage Resistant
The silicone rubber bushings have an extended creepage of 1550mm

Switchgear Services

From initial system analysis, to design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning and upgrades of equipment through to repurposing or decommissioning. We provide lifecycle management and support.

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