Environmental, Social and Governance

A targeted approach

Our ESG targets

Our targets

We are putting our plans and ambitions into action through the ambitious targets that we have set for ourselves. 

Our targets have been designed to challenge our status quo, to deliver results and ultimately, to support our commitment to mitigating the impact of our operations. They include:

Energy usage

  • Continue to improve manufacturing processes (e.g. less machining, drilling, welding etc.) to reduce energy consumption 
  • Make product portfolio efficiencies, thereby reducing energy usage
  • Achieve net zero by 2050


  • Utilise alternative construction materials and consumables which require less processing and offer lower emissions
  • Reduce the use of aggressive and hazardous chemicals 
  • Introduce and supply SF6 free products in line with UK and EU regulations


  • Optimise manufacturing to improve process flow and develop efficiencies
  • Utilise methods such as laser cutting to reduce material waste 
  • Target reductions in hazardous, solid and recycled waste across all products lines
  • Send zero waste to landfill by 2030

Water usage 

  • Reduce water usage during manufacturing processes

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