DC Switchgear


BRUSH PowerBond™ DC Switchgear is an innovative solution designed to meet the demands of the world’s busiest transit systems. Utilising our award-winning magnetic actuator technology, PowerBond™ is an all-in-one solution, combining the functionality of a line circuit breaker with that of a bonding switch.


Developed for today’s modern rail network, PowerBond™ is an air-insulated, air-break, high-speed direct current circuit breaker which allows direct current contact line systems to be fed from the traction power supply, or alternatively to be bonded to negative or earth.

Designed for 750V DC and 1500V traction power systems, both overhead line and conductor (3rd and 4th) rail, PowerBond™ is compatible with a wide range of protection relays, including BRUSH Switchgear Mitre+.

With all this functionality in one unit, PowerBond™ offers a smaller footprint, convenience of installation, safe maintenance and superior performance.

Key benefits

Lower cost of ownership
Proven design
Custom solutions
Award-winning magnetic actuator technology

Technical Specifications

Ratings to EN 50123-1/2/6 and IEC 61992-1/2/6Symbol900 V Version1800 V Version
Nominal VoltageUn750V 1500V
Rated VoltageUNe900V1800V
Rated insulation voltageUNm1800V3000V
Rated impulse withstand voltageUNi18kV18kV
Power Frequency WithstandUa6.9kA / 8.3kV6.9kA / 8.3kV
Pollution degreePD44
Rated Auxiliary Voltage48V, 50V, 110V or 125V dc
Circuit Breaker Rated Service CurrentINe4000A (L),
6000A (R),
8000A (R; L),
4000A (L),
6000A (R),
Busbar Selector Rated Service CurrentINe4000A (*ve),
500A (-ve),
4000A (*ve),
500A (-ve),
Positive Busbar Rated Service CurrentINe6000A or 8000A
Negative Busbar Rated Service CurrentINe500A
Rated Short Circuit CurrentINss125kA / 180kAp100kA / 142kAp
Rated Short Time Withstand (Circuit Busbar)INcw63kA / 90kAp for 250ms
Rated Short Time Withstand (Positive Busbar)INcw125kA / 180kAp for 250ms
Rated Short Time Withstand (Negative Busbar)INcw70kA / 100kAp for 250ms
Rated Short Time Withstand (Earth Bar)INcwe10kA / 14.2kAp for 1s
Rated Track Time ConstantINc100ms63ms
Duty – Line (Feeder) Breakersf, e, d, i -duty cycle 1
Duty – Rectifier Breakersr, s, lr
Duty – Interconnectorsff, fr, lr
Critical Current 50A Bi-Directional
Service Life40 Years
Mechanical endurance – Circuit Breaker20000
Mechanical endurance – Busbar Selector10000

Switchgear Services

From initial system analysis, to design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning and upgrades of equipment through to repurposing or decommissioning. We provide lifecycle management and support.

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