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GVR Recloser

BRUSH Switchgear’s world renowned GVR Recloser was the first in a range of equipment utilising one of the most advanced operating mechanisms available on the market, featuring the award-winning magnetic actuator technology.


The GVR provides intelligent control and protection on power distribution networks, whilst offering a lifetime of trouble-free service.

The GVR automatic recloser is now available as a tank only option for customers wishing to connect their own protection and control cubicles.

Alternatively, customers looking for a ground-mounted solution can select our epoxy separable bushings for cable connected networks.

Key benefits

Custom solutions
Asset life extension
Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
Proven design

Featured protection options:


The Polarr is the standard relay package for the GVR, offering full auto-reclose protection and control functionality.


The Beckwith M-7679 relay offers optimum levels of advanced control and protection for distribution networks. Functions include directional protection, voltage synchronisation, load encroachment supervision and under-frequency load shedding.

Technical Specification

Maximum System Voltage15.5kVrms27kVrms38kVrms
Continuous Current630A630A630A
Interrupting Current12.5/16kA12.5kA10kA
Impulse Voltage Withstand110kV peak125/150kV peak150/170kV peak
Power Frequency Withstand Dry50 kVrms for 60s60 kVrms for 60s70 kVrms for 60s
Power Frequency Withstand Wet50 kVrms for 60s50 kVrms for 60s60 kVrms for 60s
Rated Gas Pressure for aboveAtmospheric/0.3 barAtmospheric/0.3 barAtmospheric/0.3 bar
Number of Operations with no Maintenance10,00010,00010,000

Key Features

Inbuilt Power Supply
Magnetic actuator operation independent of MV supply
Environmentally friendly
Vacuum interruption produces no by-products
Aluminium tank makes transport and installation easier
Mechanical endurance – 10,000 operations
Pole mounted or substation mounted
3-in-1 Solution
Can be configured to function as a switch, sectionaliser or recloser

Switchgear Services

From initial system analysis, to design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning and upgrades of equipment through to repurposing or decommissioning. We provide lifecycle management and support.

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