Switchgear services

Heritage Brands

BRUSH Switchgear incorporates Hawker Siddeley Switchgear, BRUSH Switchgear, Whipp & Bourne Switchgear and South Wales Switchgear

BRUSH Switchgear incorporates and supports the following heritage brands:

BRUSH Switchgear

Charles Francis Brush established the Brush Electrical Engineering Company in 1888 and were the pioneers behind the development of Vacuum Switchgear. In the last 30 years, successes have included the first Vacuum Switchgear Circuit Breaker (FV and OFV) in Europe and India, and the world’s first Ring Main Unit (Falcon Beta).

Supported products:

12kV Indoor withdrawable Metalclad Switchgear


South Wales Switchgear

Founded in 1941 in Treforest, South Wales, South Wales Switchgear (SWS) led the way in exploiting SF6 gas as a medium of interruption and insulation. Traditionally, South Wales Switchgear were involved in the design and manufacture of 11kV – 33kV switchgear and DC type switchgear for naval projects.

Supported products:

SWS Indoor
Types C/D Range Oil

C4X & D4X
South Wales Switchgear Indoor Switchgear

Whipp & Bourne Switchgear

Established in 1903, Whipp & Bourne has long been a leader in heavy-duty electrical switchgear, introducing arc and oil circuit breakers in 1908 and 1909 respectively. In 1975 the company launched its vacuum insulated switchgear and was acquired by Babcock International Limited. In 1987, Whipp & Bourne became part of FKI plc then merged with Hawker Siddeley in 1996.

Supported products:

High Speed DC Circuit Breaker

Semi-High Speed DC Circuit Breaker

DV Ranges
12kV Withdrawable Metalclad Vacuum Switchgear

CV Range
15kV Withdrawable Vacuum Switchgear

AK, AH, BK and BH Ranges
3.3/6.6kV Airbreak Contactors

Hawker Siddeley Switchgear

In 1991, South Wales Switchgear merged with Brush Switchgear to form Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd. Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd was then acquired by FKI plc in November 1996. The company relocated to the present Blackwood site in South Wales and created a Centre of Excellence for the manufacture of MV Distribution Switchgear. In 2008 Melrose Plc acquired FKI Switchgear where it returned to its former brand of Hawker Siddeley Switchgear.

Supported products:

Hawkvac 15
15kV Indoor withdrawable Switchgear

Hawkvac 25

Hawkgas 12
12kV Indoor withdrawable Switchgear

Hawkgas 25

Hawkgas 25 (SMOS)

Hawkgas 36
Indoor and Outdoor


Don’t take your switchgear for granted!

At BRUSH we have the detailed design drawings and information relating to your existing switchgear and can provide spare parts, refurbishments, retrofit circuit breakers, upgrades and condition monitoring on all of our heritage products.