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The BRUSH Group has a long and rich history serving customers across the power management landscape as an OEM of power generation, control, and power distribution products, systems and solutions.

The roots of the BRUSH Group date back to 1876 when Charles Francis Brush invented his first “electric dynamo” and shortly thereafter established the first company of his namesake the “Anglo-American Brush Electric Light Corporation,” in London, UK. In the U.S. a second company “Brush Electric Company” was established in 1880, which in 1891 became part of General Electric.

The roots of the Brush Group date back to 1876 when Charles Francis Brush invented his first “electric dynamo”


Charles Francis Brush invented his first “electric dynamo” when he secured the backing of the Wetting Supply Company in Cleveland to design an electrical generator for powering arc lights.

The Franklin Institute of Philadelphia judged Brush’s dynamo superior due to its simpler design and maintainability.


In 1879 the Anglo-American BRUSH Electric Light Corporation was first established in London, UK. Two years later, the American BRUSH company was founded that was then taken over by General Electric in 1891.


The business grew, due to the demand for new electrical apparatus and larger premises were sought. In 1889 the corporation moved 100 miles north into the newly acquired Falcon Engine and Car Works at Loughborough under its new name, Brush Electrical Engineering Company Limited.


In 1957, Hawker Siddeley purchased the BRUSH group of companies that included Brush Electrical Machines, and Brush Traction, which manufactured electromotive equipment and railway locomotives. The Brush prototype locomotive Falcon (pictured), and the futuristic HS4000 ‘Kestrel’, were produced then.


During 1996, Hawker Siddeley and BRUSH became part of FKI Group, a British engineering and manufacturing company with headquarters in Loughborough, Leicestershire. For many years listed on the London Stock Exchange and a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index, FKI was taken private by Melrose Industries in July 2008.


In 2000, HMA Power Systems (Holec Machines and Apparaten; BRUSH NL) was acquired to enhance BRUSH’s 4-Pole Generator offering.


In March 2001 FKI acquired the former Škoda Elektrické stroje from the Škoda group to expand BRUSH‘s 2-Pole Generator offering. To date more than 1,500 turbogenerators and 245 hydrogenerators have been manufactured here.


In 2008 Melrose Industries acquired FKI Group including BRUSH Turbogenerators, Transformers and Switchgear.


Generator and Motors Services of Pennsylvania (BRUSH Americas) was acquired to extend BRUSH services in the Americas.


One Equity Partners acquires BRUSH Group in June. Shortly afterwards Aprenda Ltd is acquired to enhance our networks offering.


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BRUSH has a global reputation for service excellence and dedicated customer support. Whether it’s the provision of parts or the delivery of service support in the field, at the customer’s premises or at our network of Service Workshops.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge expanding over more than 145 years, the capabilities of BRUSH are endless and service unrivalled, with engineers stationed worldwide and spare parts ready 24/7/365, it is a truly global organisation.