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BRUSH Group has a long and rich history of serving customers across the power management landscape as an OEM of power distribution products, systems and solutions.

The roots of BRUSH Group date back to 1876 when Charles Francis Brush invented his first ‘electric dynamo’ and shortly after established the Anglo-American Brush Electric Light Corporation, in London, UK. In the US a second company, Brush Electric Company, was established in 1880, which in 1891 became part of General Electric.

The roots of BRUSH Group date back to 1876 when Charles Francis Brush invented his first ‘electric dynamo’.


Charles Francis Brush invents his first ‘electric dynamo’ thanks to backing secured from the Wetting Supply Company in Cleveland, Ohio, who commission him to design an electrical generator for powering arc lights. The dynamo was a success, with the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia judging it ‘superior’ due to its simpler design and maintainability.


The Anglo-American BRUSH Electric Light Corporation was first established in London, UK. Two years later, the American BRUSH company was founded, this business was taken over by General Electric in 1891.


With growing demand for new electrical apparatus, larger premises are sought, and in 1889, the company moves into the newly acquired, Falcon Engine and Car Works in Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK, under the new name: Brush Electrical Engineering Company Ltd.


The BRUSH group of companies is purchased by Hawker Siddeley. This includes BRUSH Electrical Machines and BRUSH Traction, a manufacturer of electromotive equipment and railway locomotives. The BRUSH prototype locomotive Falcon (pictured), and the futuristic HS4000 Kestrel, are produced.


Hawker Siddeley and BRUSH become part of FKI Group, a British engineering and manufacturing company with headquarters in Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK.


FKI Group is bought by Melrose Industries and as part of FKI, BRUSH Transformers and Switchgear, is acquired too.


One Equity Partners acquire BRUSH Group. This same year, specialist electrical engineering company, Aprenda Ltd, join the Group to enhance the power networks offering.


Following the sale of its generators and motors division, the Group moves ahead, adding two new businesses to the BRUSH family: KUS Power Engineering and Eta Projects Ltd. These additions support the Group’s focus as a provider of agile and adaptable engineering solutions and engineered products.


The Group continues to grow welcoming engineering consultancy, Poise, along with specialist winding supplier, Co.Bo.T, to the company.


Leading sustainability and M&E building consultancy, RYBKA, joins the BRUSH Group. Bringing complementary skills to the business, RYBKA deliver a range of disciplines such as BIM, building physics, Passivhaus design and low carbon consulting.

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