Transformer services

Transformer Servicing & Repair

Our servicing and repair services help to ensure your operation remains up and running and that your liquid-filled power transformers remain operating at peak performance.


BRUSH provides a range of transformer servicing and repair options. These include refurbishments, supply of spare parts, modifications and cooler bank replacements.

Key benefits

Asset life extension
Reduced equipment downtime
Safeguard against outages


Transformer servicing and repair

Our servicing and repair services help to ensure your operation remains up and running and your liquid-filled power transformers stay at peak performance.

All servicing and repairs are carried out by our experienced engineers in accordance with the appropriate ISO and health & safety standards.

Whether working with BRUSH or third-party transformers, the peace of mind our support offers is invaluable to your business.

Repairs and refurbishments

We provide a comprehensive range of repair services including transformer refurbishment, radiator repair or replacement, cooler equipment replacement, cable box replacement, oil processing, analysis and replacement, tapping switch modification/replacement, gasket seal replacement, transformer relocation and transformer up-rating.

Our engineers can carry out work at one of our factories or on site, saving downtime and transport costs. We also have considerable experience working in the field in both onshore and offshore environments.

Transformer spare parts

We stock a vast array of spare parts which can be used at short notice by our engineers to keep your transformer operating at its best. Just some of the spare parts available include: bushings, radiators, gaskets, tap changer contacts, Buchholz relays, pumps, drier elements, temperature sensors, fan motors, oil alarm and indicators, valves and terminal lugs.

Bulk ordering of bespoke kits is available, with us storing your spares ready for you to quickly access when you need them.

Transformer up-rating and modifications

A transformer represents significant investment and replacement can be disruptive and expensive. Up-rating, or modifying, your existing transformer is a more cost-effective way to increase its performance and lifespan.

One common example of this is the retrofit of replacement tap changers, which greatly improves transformer efficiency and longevity, providing a worry-free solution for many years.

Transformer cooler bank replacements

One of the most common ways of breathing new life into a transformer is to replace the cooler bank. Our expert engineers can carry out a transformer cooler bank replacement on-site with minimum disruption to your business.

Transformer training and supervision

Keeping your transformer running at peak performance requires specialist technical skills. We offer a comprehensive training programme that shows your employees how to get the best from your transformer, as well as bringing them up to speed on the latest safety considerations.

Led by our product experts, training can be delivered off site in a classroom environment, or at your location. Training focus is on up-skilling your team during commissioning or with previously installed equipment.

24/7 transformer support

We are renowned not just for the quality of the transformers we produce, but for the level of support and care we offer our customers.

Our engineers offer first rate service to help keep your system operating at its best, whether that’s through a customised support package or 24/7 technical support and repairs.

Find out more…

We provide tailored servicing and repair solutions to meet the specific business needs of every customer. To book a service or repair, or to find out more about our transformer services, contact us today.