BRUSH commissioned for major 2-pole generator update

BRUSH 2-Pole Generator Power Station Upgrade

The background

BRUSH and an established UK power station share a long history.

We originally manufactured two GT units and one ST unit in the early 1990s. These generators are still in operation today as peaking units to support the UK grid.

As the world’s largest independent manufacturer of generators above 20MVA, we were proud to be commissioned by current operators of the power station to carry out a major overhaul of their BDAX 9-450PRH generator.

Given our proven track record and unrivalled experience in the production and servicing of 2-pole generators – that perform such a vital function in power stations around the world by converting the mechanical energy created by the turbine into electricity – we were the obvious choice.

The solution

The scale and scope of the project was huge, but we have the capacity and expertise to meet even the most challenging of deadlines.

Our service engineers began by dismantling the generator on site before removing the rotor and taking it back to our factory. The endcaps were removed and after a thorough inspection and clean, the rotor was carefully reassembled before being balanced in our specialist overspeed pit facility.

Meanwhile, our team inspected and cleaned the generator’s stator before putting it through a series of rigorous tests.

Once all of this was complete, we returned the rotor to site, where we reassembled and commissioned the generator before handing it back to the owner.

The results

In a world where time is money, we completed the whole project in just 10 weeks, thanks to the efficiency of our service and the expertise and dedication of our team.

Successfully back up and running, the generator now helps provide power to approximately 500,000 homes, thanks in no small part to BRUSH. 

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