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Synchronous Motors for Compressor Drives

Powering the world’s second largest sub-sea pipeline delivering over 20% of UK gas

Over 15 years of
reliable, efficient,
zero emission
performance, in an


Ormen Lange, which translated means “Long Snake”, is located 120km off the northwest coast of Norway at a water depth of 800 – 1100 metres.

It is Norway’s second largest gas field with estimated gas reserves of 395 billion cubic meters, and an annual production of 20 billion cubic metres. Gas production from the Ormen Lange Field on the Norwegian continental shelf started on 13th September 2007.

Powering the world’s second-longest sub-sea gas pipeline

At the heart of this historic project, to deliver gas via the 1200km “Langeled” sub sea gas pipeline, the second longest in the world, from Nyhamna in Norway to Easington on the UK east coast, are four 48MW export gas compressors driven by BRUSH MAX 2-pole synchronous motors.

Operating at speeds between 2,520 rpm and 3,780 rpm, these closed circuit air to water (CACW) cooled MAX motors are a derivative of the very successful BRUSH DAX range of turbogenerators.

The motors are configured for variable speed operation powered by a load commutated inverter (LCI).

“The units are working to plan with no issues, a real credit to BRUSH engineering and build”

Project Manager, Ormen Lange

As part of the customer’s rigorous testing programme for these machines, certified for hazardous area operation, the motors were required to perform a 48MW full load, full speed, back to back test with the project drive equipment. In addition, a variable speed, full load string test was carried out with the contract compressor equipment.

The project, seen as one of the industry’s most successful development programmes, delivered on time and on budget. Today the facility is operated by Norske Shell and delivers over 20% of the UK’s gas.

Nyhamna Gas Plant


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