Control & Monitoring

BRUSH provides control and monitoring products and solutions for a wide range of electrical power requirements. The range extends from standardised Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs), through specially engineered static excitation systems delivering thousands of Amps, to customised on-line monitoring and control systems designed to meet particular requirements.

Experience counts in the power industry. With over 500 installations in operation globally, BRUSH is a leading provider of bespoke and turnkey Control System products. 

BRUSH's line of control system products leverages over 50 years of knowledge. We offer industry standard systems, and custom turnkey solutions for generation control and power management. Our primary offering includes the following:

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVRs) / Excitation Systems for static and brushless applications
  • Power Management Systems for control and load shedding
  • Generator Control and Protection Panels (GCPPs)


Control & Monitoring Brochure

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Power Management Systems

The BRUSH PRISMIC® PMS provides real time intelligent automation of electrical power systems using the latest IEC 61850 technology and a range of dedicated hardware and software.

Excitation Systems

As the world’s foremost independent turbogenerator OEM, BRUSH has always been at the forefront of excitation control with products optimised for BRUSH built machines, as well as those made by other OEMs.

The BRUSH range includes compact and fully featured, dual channel AVRs for brushless machine operation. These may be delivered as plate mounted such as the PRISMIC® A12 or delivered in 19inch rack enclosures such as the PRISMIC® A32 or A3100.

Generator Control and Protection Panels

BRUSH's control and protection panels are optimally designed to satisfy even the most complex requirements for generation and distribution applications.

BRUSH provides GCPs equipped with all the necessary excitation control and protection equipment required to enable optimal performance of generators and motors and including protection functions for any associated transformers.