Exciter Services

From straight forward repairs to performance enhancements

Our expert teams are highly experienced in the design, manufacture, maintenance and testing of brushless exciters and they can re-engineer components to improve performance.  If you’re due an upgrade, we can now supply new brushless exciters to our clients too. Our services include:

  • Repairs
  • Rebuilding components
  • Refurbishment program to disassemble all removable components, testing each electrical component to identify its status
  • Component replacement
  • Re-banding services
  • Complete rewinds of the stator and rotor winding assemblies
  • PMG rewinds
  • Full speed balance of all exciter rotors in a state-of-the-art balance facility
  • Emergency excitation services including:
    • A mobile exciter, which can be brought to site
    • Swap-out brushless exciters for use during refurbishments
  • Electrical testing, including:
    •       RTD Resistance Test
    •       RTD Insulation Resistance
    •       Thermocouple Continuity
  • Supply of new brushless exciters
  • Exciter Housing Modifications


Housing modifications reduce risks and improve operation

  • BRUSH Service can carry out a Positive Pressure Vent Modification (PPVM) to your existing exciter housing which has been proven to significantly reduce the rate of dirt contamination and mitigate the potential hazard of hydrogen ingress.
  • Housings are modified so the inside pressure is at a higher level than the outside, which reduces the intake of dirt and contamination during operation.


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