Stator Services

For every aspect of generator maintenance, our service is as thorough and well thought through as our approach.  And we like to think our standard services are anything but standard, as they’re carried out with such precision and expertise. Services include:

  • Inspections, electrical and mechanical testing
  • Coil replacement
  • Complete rewind
  • EL-CID, loop test and end winding stiffness (“Bump”) testing and analysis
  • Patented end winding vibration services
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Full or partial re-wedge


End winding vibration resolution services

To expand our services, we’ve developed a series of patented retrofit solutions to end winding vibration that do not require a rewind of the stator.  These options have been developed on a building block approach and we’ve been using them successfully since 1993. 


Vibration monitoring systems

Stator winding vibration monitoring systems provide information on both electrically and mechanically inducted vibrations being experienced on the end windings.  Depending on your set up, the systems can be configured to provide information at the generator itself or via continuous monitoring in the control room. 

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